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Pralina Biodiverse Blockchain Italian Food

From Puglia, a solution for the protection of Made in Italy comes that combines quality and technology and can become an excellent example for the future.

On the occasion of the launch of the new line of soups and velvety soups called Le Biodiverse, Pralina, an innovative Italian agri-food company, has chosen to sign an agreement with the territory – Salento – and its producers. In fact, from November 2019 a pact with its suppliers started which provides for the farmers the production constraint according to an organic and chemical-free regime with the promise of purchase of their crops by Pralina.

Through Le Biodiverse, Pralina has also become one of the first Italian agri-food companies to use Blockchain technology.

Through open IT systems and thanks to the Italian start-up Food Chain, Le Biodiverse have indelibly and unchangeably imprinted the supply and production data that mark the entire production chain in a public, decentralized, shared registry and therefore accessible to all.

Consumers can access the Blockchain data through a QR-code imprinted on the product label: information on ancient cereals used, such as Saragolla wheat and bicocco emmer, or on legumes, such as black chickpeas grown in the absence irrigation or green peas, or on grass peas and turnip greens, recovering in a few seconds information that previously required weeks of research.

Pralina has decided to make Biodiverses in a new way, but also to make them good because all the soups and velvety are produced with high-quality raw materials from the Salento area, expertly assembled and cooked in the Melpignano (Lecce) factory, put in single portion glass jars.

Thanks to the Blockchain system, the Biodiverse consumer can finally be sure that the goodness of the product is guaranteed by stories, producers and territories whose faces can finally be known and by an innovative and safe information system.

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